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costa rica

Dani, CA

My trip to Costa Rica was so much fun. Accommodations were lovely and so was the food! Our host was super knowledgeable and arranged some amazing day trips and activities— a good balance between challenging and relaxing. I was a little worried to try surfing for the first time, but we were in good hands and I’m so glad I took the opportunity. It was really nice being surrounded by other young women looking for something a bit different. I met some great friends that I hope I get to travel with again in the future."

Sierra, CA

I recently just got back from a trip with Origin Travels to Costa Rica! The entire experience was amazing, from our lodging and food accommodations to the amazing excursions we went on. I would highly recommend anyone to take a trip with them: they are organized, exciting, and provide a safe way for women to travel to off-the-beaten-path places. Would definitely take another trip through them!"

Emily, CA

I did the Costa Rica trip and it was incredible! The daily morning yoga classes inspired me to get a membership to a yoga studio when I returned home. The group of women on the trip were amazing, I feel like I left with lifelong friends. Everything was so well organized and the Origin Travels team was so passionate about the destination and super helpful every step of the way from booking to questions before departure and during the trip. Would highly recommend taking this trip and am already thinking about which Origin Travels trip I want to do next!"

Janis, CA

I recently travelled to Costa Rica with Origin Travels. All of the logistics of our trip were handled expertly by OT which made our excursion so much easier during this complicated time of COVID travel. When in CR, OT had organized several "off the beaten trail" places for us to see and some very unique experiences for us to enjoy. The week had lots of time for exploring new things but still allowed for down time to relax in the beautiful Costa Rican jungle. After my week-long escape, I came home, I found myself longing to explore my next Origin Travels vacation!"

Karen, USA

Everything about this tour was amazing! It was the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation with lots and lots of swimming. It's hard to describe the strong female energy of this trip and the laid back vibes, but trust me, they were there. If you're on the fence, go! You won't regret it!"

Participant, USA

I had a great experience with Origin Travels in Costa Rica! The surf instructors and yoga teacher took the experience to the next level. I would recommend this to all of my female friends looking for a stress-free planned trip with a group of amazing women!"

Emily, CA

OT is amazing at responding quickly to my litany of questions. She is professional, but fun & outgoing at the same time. The concept of Origin Travels is brilliant - imho - women supporting women to safely travel to exciting & interesting venues is exactly what is needed in this present climate."

Emma, CA

I cannot recommend Origin Travels enough! I went on a week long expedition to Costa Rica in November 2021 and it actually may have been the most relaxing vacation possible during the pandemic. All of our accommodation, transportation, activities and meals were arranged for us and that really took all the hassle out of travelling. If you are a solo female or group of friends who want to travel to exciting places but want some of the stress taken out of planning your adventures, Origin Travels is definitely the way to go. Bonus: The guides were lovely humans and have great taste in adventure activities so you really can’t go wrong!"

Ginevra, CA

"I took my first solo adventure with Origin Travels and I’m really happy I did. (The idea of arranging my own airport transportation was nerve-racking enough for me.) Communication prior to the trip, during the trip and even after the trip was quick and easy. As any new solo traveller I had a lot of questions, OT was so quick to respond In such a kind and professional matter making me feel as if I was asking a friend for advice. The transportation services, accommodation and excursions/activities used by Origin Travels were clean, safe and top quality.I would definitely recommend Origin Travels for any female looking to explore the world as authentically as possible."

Chrissy, CA

My trip to Guatemala was unparalleled and irreplaceable. OT guides have an amazing energy and knowledge of travel tips that made the entire journey light, fun, and approachable.Antigua is a beautiful, eclectic city with awesome little shops and activities (including a chocolate museum where you can learn all about the history and origins of chocolate and er to make it yourself!) Never have I stayed at a more beautiful place than Lake Atitlan. Surrounded by lush flowers and foliage on a crystal clear lake, with a view of three massive volcanos, it is truly breathtaking. The characteristic stone stairs, sunrise yoga on the dock, and hearty and healthy onsite restaurant get you feeling good inside and out, so you can look forward to shopping at the amazing ChiChi market!I can’t speak highly enough about this trip and will treasure the memories and bonds I formed there

Brooke, USA

"Highly recommend. The accommodations were amazing and trip was way more than expected to Guatemala. It’s is so nice to travel with like minded ladies who are up for any kind of adventure. Affordable and doesn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to travel with Origin Travels again and again."

costa rica + guatemala

Tasha, CA

With the exception of close trips within Canada and the US and one “all inclusive”, I have not travelled very far or often. Looking back on the trip, some of the worries I had before travelling abroad were definitely unfounded. However, the unease was nonetheless there, and I needed something to help me take that step - and that ended up being Origin Travels. Throughout the whole booking process and pre-trip process, OT was legit there for every question I had and always happy to answer them. It made everything so comfortable to have someone so patient help me through getting from A to B (literally!). When we got there, the trip was so refreshing. I will admit that if you like planning, this trip will throw you a little off balance because you roll with the punches. However, the destinations and adventures planned still happen and there is open and authentic communication throughout the whole trip ! This creates this cool atmosphere between a bunch of girls who don’t even know each other - you make new best friends for a week sharing some exciting, intimate and adventurous moments you will carry with you for a lifetime! ❤️

Sarah, CA

"I recently returned from the OT Costa Rica + Guatemala Explorer trip. I can honestly say it’s the one of the best trips of my life! From beginning to end, there is adventure, relaxation, delicious food (missing those epic vegetarian foods by Chef Randy!), stunning views, amazing accommodations, and so many new friendships. Origin Travels is very communicative. She answered all my many questions and from the moment I arrived at San Jose Airport and boarded the small airplane, I felt confident that I would be well looked after, and I really was! For me, travelling solo can be challenging in certain ways, as I have a hand tremor disability, which sometimes limits me from certain activities. The group of ladies and the guides on this trip were warm, welcoming, and helped me accomplish activities such as climbing over rocks to a waterfall, navigating hikes, getting into boats, and even trying surfing for the first time. I felt incredibly safe in both countries! I highly recommend this trip and company! I can’t wait to do another – maybe Morocco??"

Silvana, CA

"Last April/May, I had the pleasure of spending one week in Costa Rica and one week in Guatemala with Origin Travels. I can honestly say this was one of the best vacations of my life. Thanks to OT's fantastic itineraries, I was able to show up and enjoy some amazing adventures. My experiences in this country were unforgettable. Our days were spent exploring the little towns around the lake. We visited a local women's weaving co-op (it was lovely to see social enterprises supporting sustainable business), as well as a large authentic market, and spent another afternoon at a traditional cacao ceremony.I will never forget my time in Central America...travelling with Origin Travels allowed me to be truly present throughout the entire two weeks - I felt very safe and taken care of - and I returned well rested and inspired :):) Highly recommend!!!"

wilderness weekends

Wendy, CA

"I went on the Wilderness Trip in Ontario with Origin Travels and it was the best! Everything was smoothly organized, the activities were awesome, and the company of likeminded people was really fun. This was the perfect way to escape the city for a few days without having to travel very far."

Cass, CA

"Amazing trip! Wilderness trip to six mile lake was flawlessly organized. All I had to do was show up and enjoy a glass of wine by the lake. Perfect combination of planned activities and spontaneous fun!"

Ashley, CA

"I traveled with OT for the Wilderness Trip in Ontario, it was my first trip with Origin and I highly, highly recommend. The weekend was the perfect mix of relaxing, nature and feeling connected. The food, accommodations, and activities were all amazing but the best part was the vibe that was created where everyone could show up authentically and just be."

Rachel, CA

"Just got back from "The Wilderness Trip" in Northern Ontario and I feel refreshed, relaxed, well fed, and slightly sun kissed. OT organized an awesome trip with a balance of fun, play, and just the right amount of organized activities to give us time to do whatever we wanted. The food was great , but my favourite was the SUP Yoga! If this is just a weekend adventure in Ontario, then I *know* an international tour is well worth the investment. Can't wait to book again!"

Veronica, CA

"My wilderness adventure with Origin Travels was unforgettable. Camping is something I had never done before and was always on my bucket list. I am not much of an outdoorsy person but over the last little while I’ve been working to change that and I thought this adventure would be the perfect opportunity to get outdoors. The campsite was beautiful -right on the water and only a minute walk from the beach. Each night we sat next to glassy waters, cozied up to the fire, listened to the frogs and stargazed under the crystal clear skies. I left this adventure feeling really encouraged by OT to start grabbing ahold of new situations with my whole hand instead of just the fingertips."

Silvana, CA

"My trip was super fun and a great introduction to the outdoors for a newbie like me! I was hesitant about a lot of aspects of camping but everyone was very patient and helped ease my anxiety the whole way. I will definitely be going back soon to see what other new adventures and experiences Origin Travels has to offer me! :)"
Karnak temple .jpg


Emily, CA

"Where do I even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for this woman and business! I traveled on the November 2023 Egypt departure and let’s say it was a trip of a life-time!

Sandra and Origin Travels connects with locals to work with for every part of the trip. We had incredible experiences like a home cooked dinner, sailing the Nile, sunrise hot air balloon ride, visiting temples, and eating some of the best food of my life! All accommodations were super comfortable and clean!

As a woman in her 30’s it was the best way to connect and meet like minded people who will now be forever considered my friends! Sandra and Origin Travels left a very special place in my heart, and I am so happy to have found such an amazing company that puts so much love and detail into her trips!"

Adam, USA

"If you are reading this, it means you have that itch to get out and travel. Here’s your sign: DO IT!

After seeing an instagram post about a trip to Egypt that happened to occur through my birthday, I knew I had to take the risk and go. This was my first solo international travel, and many of my peers recommended I hold off on traveling to the Middle East during this time. Luckily, I didn’t take heed to these voices and listened to my gut instead.

From the moment I landed in country, Origin Travels was on top of their game. I felt safe the entire time. I got assistance with a Visa and then had a ride ready to get me to the first hotel. Our transportation from spot to spot was seamless. This allowed me to focus instead on learning the group and appreciating the experience more.

There were 5 of us in our group, with our Egyptian tour guide our 6th (if you get Adel on this trip, you are doubly lucky!). Each member, Sandra included, really enhanced the experience with their knowledge, unique personalities, and different skill sets.

The country of Egypt is absolutely breathtaking and so chalked full of gems. After a short adaptation period, you will learn to adore the people and love the food. We explored via sleeper train, felucca, hot air balloon, plane, van, Uber, cruise ship, and more.

If you are a history or religious/theology buff, this is the place for you. If you’re on the fence about the extension, do that too. A week may feel too short with so much to see and do. The Pyramids, temples, bazaars, restaurants, waters, beaches, etc are well worth every penny!

I would give this company and my experience 100/10. Before I even left Sandra and her team were FANTASTIC communicating every step of the way. She even introduced us all prior to which helped build our group chemistry. I will for sure be traveling with this team again!!"

Rafi, USA

"I am honored to be a part of the first International trip by Origin after Sandra took over and everything went great. Special thanks to Sandra for arranging the trip and the everything went super smooth. I met a lot of amazing people in this trip and we all became friends for life."

Virginie, France

"Origin Travels offers an excellent travel selection to visit attractive and inspiring destinations. 
On any one of their trips you can expect to be welcomed personally upon arrival.
You will have a pleasant trip where you will be welcomed on site graciously by a local expert team and guided to discover the country, traditional culture and also aspects of everyday life.
Trust their knowledge of the local attractions for adventure, entertainment, and cultural activities that they have planned for you. The small group sizes bring personal value to the experience.
This is the perfect opportunity to fully live in the moment and to explore new experiences. With so many incredible moments to awaken your senses, you will find your memory challenged to retain it all. Bring your camera!
This becomes a beautiful human experience where the ordinary life of those who live there becomes an extraordinary experience for you as a temporary visitor.
Rather than just thinking of the destination, choose to live the experience to the fullest by starting at the origin, with Origin Travels"



Allison, CA

"I traveled to India with Origin Travels in April 2019 and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to experience the beauty and madness then my trip with OT. India is an intense adventure but from the preparation to exploring the chaotic streets of Old Delhi, Origin Travels made me feel totally at ease. Our itinerary allowed us to be completely immersed in the culture without getting overwhelmed. Our local guide, Anjali, put so much of our experience into perspective for us and made us all feel welcome even in the most unfamiliar of places. I left feeling like I had known these women my whole life and that we were all connected by India. I’m so grateful for this trip and can’t wait to explore a new country with a new girl gang!"

Hannah, CA

"My trip to India was one I will truly never forget. It was a place I always had wanted to go but I could never have on my own. Everything from our itinerary to our stay was planned perfectly by OT which was such a relief for a first time traveller to India. From magical days at the markets, jumping on tuk tuks to waking up at 4am to a hot air balloon over Jaipur. It was a trip of a life time and I can’t thank OT enough for all of her hard work and constant support through the trip."

Julisa, CA

I booked with Origin Travels because I wanted to experience India, learn about the history and culture and be totally immersed in it while there, but didn't really want to go alone. Having a local guide and a group of girls (who quickly became friends) was exactly the experience I was looking for and I think it contributed greatly to the overall positive experience of the country. We got to go off the beaten path, see things through the eyes of a local, learn more about the history and culture of the country and indulge in traditional dishes. I can't recommend travelling with Origin enough and I will definitely be returning to India! 
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