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Origin Travels Wanderers are those who are looking to get off the beaten path, in the safety and company of other like-minded travellers. 

We thrive on a mix of activities that get us into nature, immerse in the local culture, and time to take a break from it all.  We enjoy the freedom to break off from the pack and explore solo from time to time.  We love trying local food. We love meeting local people. We support local businesses, and aim to leave a green footprint wherever we go. 

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Do I need travel insurance for my trip?

YES. It is mandatory for all passengers travelling on a trip with Origin Travels to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy, and will be requesting your policy number prior to departure.


If you do not have a policy number upon embarking on your tour, Origin Travels Inc. has the right to remove you from the trip. At a minimum, your policy must cover medical costs in case of hospitalisation, emergency travel repatriation. Additionally, travel insurance should cover you for all of the active activities included in the itinerary (surfing/cycling/ATV etc.). We also recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance, just incase something comes up and you have to cancel.

Do I need to get a travel visa?

Visa entry requirements differ from country to country, and are dependent on your nationality. It is the responsibility of the passenger to check if they require an entry visa into the tour destination country, and obtaining any requisite visas for your travels is the responsibility of the traveller. 


The cost of a travel visa is not included in the price of your trip.Our detailed essential trip information outlines visa and immigration conditions for several nationalities, though it is ultimately your responsibility to check that this information is still current leading up to your trip. Please contact us if you require any supporting documentation or information in obtaining your visa. And don’t leave it to the last minute! Some visas can takes weeks to procure.

How are your trips curated for young professionals?

You are probably too busy to worry about the details of planning a trip. We will help you take care of the details from the minute you book your trip, to the minute you end it.

+ We understand how exhausting the daily hustle can be, which means that all of our itineraries are built to include the must-do experiences, with ample time to relax and recharge, in beautiful places.

+ We also understand that price point is important, so all of our trips are designed from an accessible base adventure price, with the option add on features like room upgrades and activity add-ons, to fit your interests and budget. Plus, we get that you might not be able to pay for it all upfront, so we have an Slow Payment Plan  available to hold your spot.

+ We know that you might like the freedom to explore, so there is free time built into every trip.

+ We know that you don't need luxury, but you want accommodations that are clean, comfy and quaint.

We've got you.

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