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Solo Travel: Destinations to Heal a Broken Heart

How do you mend a broken heart? Going through a break up, whether it’s the end of a situationship, a comfortable relationship or a divorce, this is the time you need to dedicate to yourself. Sad playlists, spending time with friends, picking up those hobbies you missed while you were engrossed in the relationship are all amazing ways to start picking up the pieces and moving on to a better you. But the best healing we’ve found is packing your bags and embarking on a great adventure. These are our top post-breakup destinations all over the world we think will heal your broken heart:

Macchu Picchu – don’t be blue in Peru

The lost city is a great place to heal lost feelings because it offers time in nature, mindblowing ruins, and luscious greens that will remind you how big and great the world is. Rediscover yourself and notice the beauty all around you. Get lost among the colourful markets, meet the locals and uncover their stories, eat fresh, citrusy ceviche. A trip to Peru is sure to spark your lust for life.

girl at Machu Picchu
If you’re gonna be sad you might as well be sad in Paris


Gossip Girl gave us this valuable breakup advice. The most romantic city in the world sets the background to fall in love with yourself again. Paris brings the glimmer of hope and magic with its sparkling lights and narrow streets. It’s the perfect city to get lost in – let the city lead you as you walk the streets and let your thoughts wander without the fear of running into your ex. Watch a couple across the street get into an argument while you peacefully sip on your latte and take a bite of your flaky buttery croissant. And say yes when the attractive waiter asks you if you want another glass of red wine after dinner (he asked in a French accent after all)

girl in Paris with Eiffel tower view
Dry your eyes in Mexican paradise


There’s nothing like taking a dip in the salty ocean waves to feel rejuvenated! There’s no quick fix to the hurt from an uncoupling – it’s a huge change and loss in your life. But you just can’t be sad while you’re sipping a spicy marg and eating street food tacos prepared with love – it’s impossible.

girl with cocktail in Mexico
Peak yourself back up, you got this


The grandeur of mountain ranges reminds us how much there is out there in the world and reignites a lust for life and the Canadian Rockies are particularly special. Start hiking and take your mind off things. When you reach the top, give yourself a chance to take in spectacular views and remind yourself what you’re capable of achieving (you’re at the top of a mountain, you can do anything)!

girl in front of a mountain and lake in Banff

Where are you going on your breakup trip? Get inspired and plan your trip with us.



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